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So lets get started on a quick intro into css, I was able to put to together with one of my old friends from back in wentzville mo, who works with the wentzville school district. A wrapper, sometimes referred to as a container, is used for a lot of different reasons and allows the designer much more flexibility when putting a page together. In this CSS how to I will go over some of the ways that you can use this in your site design.

CSS is a great coding language to learn. By adding these design elements to your sites you will be able to provide most flexibility in your site building efforts.

There is a bit of a learning curve for CSS, but you will probably agree that it is well worth the time after you learn it and put it into use.

On any number of pages there can be multiple div properties used as wrappers or containers. These can have different id's including the id of "wrapper" and "container". They can also have other id's.

Divs can be identified with an ID or Class so the rules can be applied in a style sheet.

This is an example of how div ID="wrapper" makes an enclosure for the entire contents of that webpage.

This is helpful if you want to include a entire page filled with content in a container. It will also allow the margins and border and other properties to be applied to the entire webpage.

You can use this CSS rule to center and set a pixel margin on the top and bottom page: div#wrapper {margin.0 auto;}.

You should also use a wrapper div to group various elements together. So you should use a wrapper around an element of a web page like navigation. This way you can create a border effect just around that element.

Something else you can do is float the navigation bar to the right or the left side of the page. You may also want to use wrapper divs to create layouts like CSS columns. Columns are made inside a wrapper div by using another inner divs with ID's assigned to them.

Learning CSS will help all designers find more creativity and flexibility. The ability to be able to control design aspects on each webpage, or in any section of each webpage, at any time you will be able to add the style elements where you want them to be.

This allows you to save time and create amazing sites in less time and effort. Take the time to learn this coding language will be well worth your effort.

Hopefully you now know that if you add CSS to your bag of tricks it will allows you much more flexibility in what you design. This, in turn, can allow your creative juices full rein over what you design.

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